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Mrs. Serious and easy-going son


Jin Sookyoung


A thousand hope


Picture Books


6~8 years old

Overseas Licensing


  • #Picture book
  • #school life
  • #beginning
  • #start
  • #family
  • #working mom
  • #2022 Visiting Korean Book Fair-Japan

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Song Soohyun

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  • Dimensions

    220 * 250

This picture book depicts the struggles of a child and his mother as a first grader and a new employee as they adapt to their new environments.

Book Intro

(English) Mrs. Serious and easy-going son

It is Tae-pyung’s first month in elementary school! Grade school is very different from kindergarten. There are many things to take care of, learn, and do on his own. The boy makes many mistakes, but it's alright because the first time is always the hardest for everyone. Day by day, little by little, school life will become more enjoyable.

As for Mrs. Serious, it has been a month since she joined a new company. It's not easy for her since she's returned to work after a long break. There are a lot of things to learn. She makes mistakes even with simple tasks, but it's okay. She'll learn step by step and become better at her job.   


“The first time is the hardest for everyone. It is okay; you’ve done well!”

A picture book that cheers for every new student and working mom.

The first time is an unfamiliar, frightening moment for anyone. Especially for children, entering elementary school is a significant change and challenge. This picture book depicts the struggles of a mother and a child adapting to their new environments at  school and at work. Tae-pyung and his mother want to be good at new tasks, but they keep making mistakes even with small things. Repeated mistakes can be discouraging, but the two say to themselves, “The first time is the hardest for everyone. It is okay; you’ve done well!" These are the words Tae-pyung and his mother say to each other and their readers. This delightful picture book sends warm consolation and support to children and working moms who feel uneasy before new beginnings. 


A magical picture book that helps a child and his mother better understand each other.

Rather than telling a story just from a child’s or a mother’s point of view, this book skillfully interweaves two people’s stories as they enter a new school and job. With intersecting stories, a boy and his mother narrate their daily routines from the first-person point of view, offering vivid depictions of school and work life. Furthermore, the similar images and timelines, such as classroom and office, lunch breaks, and restrooms, place the boy and his mother in similar situations, forming the bridge to a greater understanding between the two. A child will be comforted by reading this book and thinking, “Mom has difficulties and makes mistakes, too, when starting something new.” This book gives a child and a mother a magical time to understand each other's situation, build empathy, and confirm love.


(Japanese) ナ・テピョンとジン・ジヘ



About the Author

Jin Sookyoung

(English) “Every morning, I see families saying goodbye to their children on their way to school. Especially in the spring, what catches my eye is the reluctant child on her way to her first day of school and her mother who worries about her child but has to rush to work. This image lingers in my heart because I, too, am such a mother. I created this book to support all the Tae-pyungs and mothers in the world.” 

Jin Sookyoung wrote and illustrated Mr. Something Special.


(Russian) Книга с картинками говорит о том что «Мы все обычные и особенные. Желаю вам немного мужества, чтобы сохранить свою особенность и смотреть на различия у людей с теплым сердцем». Это первая книга с картинками, которую я написал(а) и нарисовал(а). В будущем, я хочу написать достаточно интересную книжку с картинками, которую можно будет читать и читать повторно.


(Japanese) 私たちはみな平凡であり、特別な存在です。「自分だけの特別さを守る小さな勇気を持てますように。お互いの違うところをもっと温かい視線で見られますように」といった気持ちを込めて今回の絵本を作りました。この本は私の作った初めての絵本です。これからも何度も読みたくなるような楽しい絵本を作りたいと思っています。す。 


(Vietnamese) Tác giả hy vọng rằng dù ta không thể thấy và chạm vào người thân khi họ qua đời, nhưng với tình yêu thương họ sẽ luôn ở bên chúng ta qua những tia sáng ấm áp. Các tác phẩm truyện tranh khác của tác giả gồm có “Chú này có gì đó thật đặc biệt”, “Cá sấu đến rồi”, “Bà già Noel”.

Qua truyện tranh này, tác giả muốn gửi gắm thông điệp “Tất cả chúng ta tuy bình thường nhưng cũng rất đặc biệt. Thế nên hãy dũng cảm để bảo vệ cá tính đặc biệt ấy của riêng mình. Và cũng phải biết chấp nhận sự khác biệt của nhau bằng tấm lòng bao dung ấm áp”.  “Chú này có gì đó thật đặc biệt” là tác phẩm đầu tay và tác giả muốn viết thêm nhiều truyện tranh thú vị hơn nữa trong tương lai.


(French) Un petit mot de l’auteure (Jin Soo-Kyung)

« Nous sommes tous ordinaires mais uniques. Je souhaite que chacun d’entre vous puisse avoir du courage pour garder sa spécificité. J’espère que vous pouvez regarder les différences des autres avec un regard aimable et chaleureux. Avec ce souhait, j’ai travaillé sur le livre illustré. Je voudrais écrire des livres attirants qui vous mènent à en relire, encore et encore. » 


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