About us

This website was established in December 2018 to enable overseas publishers to search for and discover the finest Korean publications
and is operated by the Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea.
We have selected books suitable for the global publishing market, and details are provided in English.
Korean publication information will be continually updated, beginning with the initial 1,147 publications listed.

Selling points (author, overview, domestic/overseas awards history, etc.) for each publication are included, as is the e-mail address of the agent responsible for copyright usage.

Books can be searched and sorted according to genre/field, target audience, and keyword.

Listed Contents

Publication details (overview, keywords, genre, target audience, etc.)
Author (inc. picture/illustrated book authors and illustrators) and publisher details
Copyright agent/contact and overseas sales rights details
Best-seller ranking, awards history, recommendation history, media/PR details, OSMU status, etc.

In addition, the interests of users are identified for book recommendations, and books of interest can be "liked" and added to a scrap for future reference.

Listed Genres

All genres (literature, genre literature, youth literature, humanities & social sciences, economics & business administration, science & technology, arts & culture, practical, picture/illustrated, fairy/folk tale, educational comic, miscellaneous children's)

Listed Age Levels

All age groups (Ages 0 to 2, 3 to 5, 6 to 8, and 9 to 12; youth, young adult, adult)

In addition to book information, the website also features details regarding Korean publishers, authors, agencies, and publishing trends.
Publication and copyright agent information can be viewed by publisher, and book information can be viewed by author.
Also included are Korean agency information such as participating book fairs, major copyright contracts, and agent contact information.

Korean Author Details

Author details, list of key works

Korean Publisher Details

Publisher details, list of publications

Korean Agency Details

Participating book fairs, main fields of focus, major copyright contracts, contact information

Korean Publishing Trends

Key issues such as Korea's publishing market status and best sellers

Korean Publishing Research Reports

Statistics and research data regarding publishing, distribution, sales, marketing, and export

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