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The Abandoned


Pyeon Ji-ahn




Genre Literature



Overseas Licensing


  • #Thriller
  • #Mystery
  • #Child Abuse
  • #Women’s Story
  • #Emotional Thriller
  • #Adoption
  • #Visiting Korean Book Fair 2021 Russia
  • #Video Conference
  • #Visiting Korean Book Fair 2021 France&Belgium
  • #2022 Visiting Korean Book Fair-Japan

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Rita Bae

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    145 * 210

Nine-year-old Hae-na who lives by herself and Yeo-gyeong who signs a contract to be her substitute mother. Frightening attention is given to these two who would rather be left alone.

Book Intro

(French) Les abandonnés

Jinhae-na, une petite fille géniale de 9 ans qui s'est brisée le corps et l'esprit à cause d'annulations répétées d'adoption. Le soir de Noël, la première année de l'adoption, les parents d'accueil se suicident, laissant Hannah avec des excuses sans signification. La seule chose qui restait à Hanna était le chemin du retour vers l'institution d'adoption, mais elle a décidé de vivre seule avec la mort des parents adoptifs en secret.

Mais l'âge de neuf ans, qui requiert le consentement et les soins du tuteur. Hannah engage la policière Joo, qui a l'habitude d'administrer illégalement du propofol, comme mère intérimaire. La policière a décidé d'aider Hannah à quitter la Corée en toute sécurité, mais les deux femmes ont maintenant un coup de main qu'elles veulent éviter.

* Avoir passé un contrat pour le tournage de série



(English) The Abandoned

Please be my guardian for 2.8 million won a month
Yeogyeong, who is released on parole, is offered the role of a substitute mother and guardian by an impertinent nine-year-old Hae-na who is suffering from juvenile diabetes. She does not understand why but Hae-na must leave South Korea before winter is over. Although they develop a warm rapport, they do not probe into each other’s life but carry out each other’s role faithfully.

Repeated ten-minute silent harassing phone calls and death of the mother
Yeo-gyeong keeps getting calls from a person with a blocked caller ID and who remains silent for ten minutes then hangs up. Then one day, she gets a message that has to do with her mother’s death. She probes into the identity of the anonymous caller and finds out she and Hae-na are linked somehow. What could be the connection between nine-year-old Hae-na who address her as mom, auntie, and elder sister and Yeo-gyeong’s mother who abandoned her and was discovered dead from drug addiction nine years later in a luxury hotel?

Desire turns him from a guardian to surveillant
Meanwhile, Chang-su, the probation officer, finds out about Yu-gyeong’s job as a substitute mother for Hae-na and while keeping an eye on both of them, he finds out Haena lives alone in a big mansion in the outskirts of Seoul and that there is a big bag filled with cash inside the house.
Severely strapped for money, Chang-su hesitates at first but decides to visit the house where Hae-na lives alone.

The child does not want to belong to anyone so she will not be deserted
The infant Hae-na was delivered to the orphanage alongside take-out Chinese food. She underwent the terrible experience of being abandoned by her adoptive parents twice. And the third time, her happiness lasted only briefly when her parents departed from her despite her frantic struggle to win their love. Desperate not to be deserted, Hae-na conceals the deaths of her adoptive parents, and a secret hidden away in the mansion but the spring is already about to come. Aided by Yeo-gyeong, Hae-na wants to leave South Korea as soon as possible…


(Japanese) 9歳の天才少女ヘナと、出所後に契約でヘナのママ代行となったヨギョン、誰にも知られてはいけなかった彼らに恐ろしい関心の目が注がれる。



About the Author

Pyeon Ji-ahn

(French) Elle s'est spécialisée dans le cinéma théâtral et l'esthétique à l'université. « original sinner » Elle a été élue Screenwriters Edition de la Commission vidéo de Gyeonggi, « My Pyongyang Lady » a été sélectionnée dans CJ Projects, et a fait ses débuts en tant que scénariste. « Gosari » elle a reçu le Prix du développement de l'histoire prototype de Jeju.


(English) The author double majored in Film and Theater Studies and Aesthetics in college. She started her career as a scriptwriter after being chosen as the winner of the Screenwriter Pann Award by the Gyeonggi Film Commission for her work, “The Original Sinner” and “My Pyeongyang Lady” by CJ Project S. She is actively engaged in doing the film adaptation and making films for corporate brands. She was awarded the Grand Prize in Jeju based story development for “Gosari (Fern)” by the Jeju Cultural Foundation.

(Russian) Учился по специальности “Театр и кино и эстетика”в университете. Дебютировал как сценарист, выиграв премию Комиссии по кинематографии Кёнги за фильм “Оригинальный преступник” и награду проекта CJ Project S за фильм “Моя леди из Пхеньяна”. Работает над киносценариями и фильмами корпоративных брендов.


(Japanese) 大学で演劇映画学と美学を専攻した。『原罪者』が競技映像委員会スクリーンライターズ版当選、『マイ平壌レディ』がCJプロジェクトSに選定され、シナリオ作家としてデビューした。映画シナリオの脚色、企業ブランドフィルムに参加するなど、着実に作品活動を続けている。『わらび』で済州文化財団済州原型ストーリー開発大賞を受賞した。



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