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Pitapat with Acorn


Yun Jee Hoe


Mirae N Co., Ltd.


Picture Books


3~5 years old

Overseas Licensing


  • #Yoon Jee Hoe
  • #picture books
  • #friends
  • #nuts
  • #acorns
  • #friendship
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  • #pit-a-pat

Copyright Contact

Ahram Lee

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  • Dimensions

    186 * 207

With her sophisticated compositions and brilliant use of color, Yoon has been a beloved illustrator for a long time. She has authored many picture books, and this will be the final publication for this mother of a 4-year-old son.

Book Intro

(English) <Pitapat with Acorn>

"Mommy and me and acorns! Mommy, listen!"

The yellow-hatted Acorn has something he wants to tell his mom. It seems like he wants to tell her about his friends—from his strong and mighty friend Almond—to the thoughtful Rice and the sweet-hearted Macadamia Nut who fusses over Acorn when he’s sick. In this book, we learn about how our children must venture out into the world and make new friends. This story of adorable nut friends and their sweet relationships is beautifully illustrated in this slow-paced, heartwarming picture book. Yoon Jee Hoe has worked diligently on this project while thinking of her young son who continues to battle  stomach cancer. As the Acorn in the book, her son will go on to laugh and cry with his many friends and be comforted by them, and sometimes even fight with them, but they'll always make up afterwards.


Author-Illustrator Yoon Jee Hoe has a pink-themed message to friends all around the world:

Let’s play!

As with all her picture books, this seventh book by Yoon Jee Hoe, Pit-A-Pat with Acorns, is heavy with significance. The words were handwritten by the author herself, and each page has traces of her touch. On the back cover, readers will find the  passage: “When you’re happy or you’re sad, think of your friends. Let’s play!”—which is the same message she wants to send to her readers, who are like her friends. She has known numerous people who have shown her love and attention over the years—the readers who have paid close attention and kept up with her hand-illustrated, hand-written works—and the many fans around the world on social media who have sent her words of courage and encouragement.  She calls all these people her friends. Yoon is gifting them this book, and inviting them into her world. Let’s play! she says. As her friend, we find it a pleasure to open her book and jump into her world of stories. In the last few pages, we may even find tears in our eyes. We urge our readers to read on to that last page. Only then will you fully appreciate the heartwarming illustrations Yoon has prepared lovingly for her beloved friends.


(中國語/中文) <橡子和豆豆>


About the Author

Yun Jee Hoe

(English) Yoon draws illustrations that bring happiness to everyone who sees them. Yun Jee Hoe received the 5th Seoul Children's Story Illustration Award by Munhakdongne and the 1st Korea Hans Anderson Shadow Award. Her written and illustrated books include Mongi Is a Sleepyhead; The Kingdom of the Clouds, Allamsahaba; and Protect Your Heart!. Books she has illustrated include Mother Earth's Song; Daddy Is Superman; I Am Super Boy; How to Eat Ramen; and The Child with the Last Book. 


(French) Un écrivain et illustrateur de contes de fées. Reconnue pour la composition sophistiquée de son écran et son excellent sens des couleurs, elle a reçu le 5e prix d'excellence de l'illustration de contes de fées de Séoul et le 1er prix de l'ombre d'Andersen de Corée. Depuis qu'elle a été diagnostiquée d'un cancer de l'estomac de stade 4 début 2018, elle a commencé à poster son arme contre le cancer sur Instagram sous la forme d'un compte "frauduleux". Sur Instagram, il a constamment montré l'importance de son quotidien en rédigeant une bucket list comprenant "aller dans un stade de baseball avec son fils" et lutter contre la maladie. Elle est morte dans l'après-midi du 9 décembre 2020, alors qu'elle n'avait jamais perdu espoir.


(Vietnamese) Được công nhận về cách kết cấu màn hình tinh tế và cảm nhận màu sắc xuất sắc, nhận giải Xuất sắc về vẽ tranh minh họa truyện thiếu nhi Seoul lần thứ 5 và giải Đặc biệt về giải thưởng vẽ tranh Andersen Hàn Quốc lần thứ nhất. Kể cho độc giả những câu chuyện về sắc màu thông qua các cuốn sách tranh "Sâu ngủ Mongi", "Hãy bảo vệ trái tim! Pupunga man", "Alam Sahabah vương quốc trên mây", "Câu chuyện hôn nhân của bố và mẹ", "Kim đậu phộng bay vào vũ trụ". 


(Japanese) 洗練された画面構成と優れた色彩感覚を認められ第5回ソウル童話イラストレーション優勝賞を、第1回韓国アンデルセン影賞特別賞をもらった。『モンはお寝坊さん』『心を守れ!ピョンガマン』『雲の王国アラムサハバ』『にっこりお嬢さん』『お母さん、お父さん結婚話』『宇宙へ行ったキムピーナッツ』などの絵本で読者たちにさまざまな話を伝えている。


(Indonesian) Penulis dikenal karena komposisi layar berkelas dan pemilihan warna yang sangat baik serta menerima penghargaan Seoul Fairy Tale Illustration Excellence Award dan peraih nomer satu Korea Andersen Shadow Award. "Mongi si tukang tidur", "Jagalah hatimu!Ppyeonggamen", "kerajaan awan, Alam Shahaba", "Si Bayi yang tertawa", "Cerita pernikahan ayah ibu", "Kim, Kacang Tanah yang pergi ke luar angkasa", dengan buku gambar penulis ingin menyampaikan cerita berwarna kepada para pembaca.

Bestseller Rank

No. 1 on Aladin Weekly Best-seller List for Children's Books for December 12, 2020

No. 20 on Aladin Best-seller List for December 12, 2020

No. 59 in Yes24 Best-seller List for December 13, 2020

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