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Hwang Yeongmi


Munhakdongne Publishing Group


Adolescent Literature



Overseas Licensing



  • #friend
  • #middle school student
  • #relationship
  • #Novels for Children & Adolescents

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Eom Heejeong

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    140 * 205

Where can I live as my true self? A story for everyone who is tired from the fatigue of relationships. Finally, 'open to all.'

Book Intro

Where can we be accepted as who we really are? This is a story for people who are feeling isolated in their relationships. A journey of fifteen-year-old Dahyeon who overcomes peer pressure and stereotypes and learns to love herself as the person she is.

Where can we be accepted as who we really are? This is a story for people who are feeling isolated in their relationships. 

What do people really think of me? What if they don’t like me? Everyone has the experience of hiding their true self, afraid of the judging eyes of others. And this is especially true for teens in school who do not want to be picked on or bullied, and they end up hiding their true selves just to fit in or not stick out. The writer of This Post Is Password Protected received the ninth Munhak Dongnae Award for the best young adult book, and in the book, she has a message she would like to share with many young adult readers:

Lying is difficult, and living according to the lies is more difficult.

In the story, friends are everything to Dahyeon. And she was lucky because she became a member of the Five Fingers in the start of her middle school. However, there are things she will never share even with her Five Fingers friends: She likes classical music, not idol boy groups’ songs; she likes the freckles on her face; and she always thinks about her dad when she is walking on the street in her neighborhood. She will never talk about these things with her Five Fingers friends because she never wants to be ostracized again. There is nothing scarier than to be called “wiggly bookworm” and to be treated like a spook by everyone. When she feels frustrated or fed up, she checks into her blog. At her private blog called Cherry Shrimp, she can be who she really is. 

Dahyeon has been hiding her true self, but she decides to make her blog public and she proudly tells everyone, “Yes, I am a bookworm. So what?” Her words will resonate with everyone hiding their true selves. “So what?” becomes a magic spell for everyone who feels lost in the maze of relationships, a spell to dispel their worries and anxiety and to help them be who they really are without fearing the eyes of the others. 

When you accept the person you are, and love who you are, only then can you understand others. A beautiful forest is made of trees who stand tall on their own, and like a tree, each individual has to stand tall and be who they are in order to build the beautiful forest that is our society. As readers follow Dahyeon and her story of self-acceptance and maturity, they too can shed their old selves like a cherry shrimp and take the first step to their own self-discovery.  

This work won the Grand Prize at the 9th Munhakdongne YA Literature Award. What do people think of me? How do I look now? What if they hate me? Everyone probably has the experience of hiding my true self because of other people's views. It is especially unfamiliar to show one's true self among youths who need to maintain amicable relations with friends in the closed space of schools and avoid being bullied at all costs. This work delivers words that readers can sympathize with and that root for youths who are probably hiding 'me' to belong to the world of 'us.'

About the Author

Hwang Yeongmi

(English) Hwang Young-mee is considered to be a "writer who stares into people's desires and passions in a caring way, possesses both wit and humor, and presents a serious and fresh perspective alongside a vivid sense of reality." Hwang won the Munhakdongne Adolescent Literary Award in 2018. Books Hwang has written include serial novels such as Blueing while Wavering, Wavering while Blueing, a predecessor of Pantaloon Heart, and Now Logging In on Catholic News Right Now at Here. In 2017, her work A Middle Schooler Is Not Lonely became the Story to Broadcast featured work of BCWW, hosted by KOOCA.

(Russian) Учился по специальности Педагогика и литературное творчество, а в 2018 году получил Гран-при премии "Литературная территория", как писатель для подростков за работу 'Вишневые креветки: секретная информация'. "Школьникам не одиноко" была выбрана как обязательная к прочтению книга и она получила положительные отзывы за то, что реалистично описаны чувства школьников, о которых не подозревают даже ветераны преподавательской деятельности.

Несмотря на жестокую реальность: издевательства и насилие в школе, конкуренция и тяжелые экзамены, подростки не унывают, заводят друзей и учатся любви, и мы должны их в этом поддержать.

(Japanese) 教育学科文芸創作を専攻し、2018年文学町青少年文学賞を受賞した。<パンタロン純情>でデビュー、<中学生は寂しくない>で図書館で必読書として選定。韓国コンテンツ振興院Story to Broadcastピッチング作に選定され、多数の海外図書展に出品された。20年中学生を教えた教師も初めて知ったと言うほど、中学生の内面を細かく描いた。

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