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Your Brain Rocks! Brain Explorers! Unlock the Secret


Jaeun Jung

Lee Go-eun

Jeong Jaeseung

Kim Hyun-min




Children's Other Books


9~12 years old

Overseas Licensing

Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese


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    153 * 210

(English) This children's science book examines the human mind and behavior from the perspective of brain science.

Book Intro

(Japanese) 人間探求レポート 1~8



(English) Your Brain Rocks! Brain Explorers! Unlock the Secret

This book was created by Professor Jeong Jae-seung of the Department of Bio and Brain Engineering of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology for children and teenagers. He emphasizes that brain science is the 'science of the mind' that can be the key to knowing oneself and understanding others. In this book, aliens from a distant unknown planet observe the daily lives of people on Earth, and then send a report on their study of people on Earth to their own planet. People on Earth are excessively concerned about their outer appearance, don't remember what happened the day before, and are sometimes too emotional. What kind of content will the aliens include in their report? An alien named Rahood first says that people are strange animals that cannot be understood, but steadily becomes to understand people on Earth. Likewise, the author hopes children become to understand themselves and others in the process of creating a 'Research Report on People on Earth' together with the aliens.


(Indonesian) Laporan Investigasi Manusia Jung Jae-seung Seri 1~8

Segala sesuatu pada manusia tidaklah pasti!

Pemikiran dan perilaku manusia yang dipahami berdasarkan ilmu tentang otak (Neurosains). Hal pertama yang kita lihat di wajah orang yang kita temui, atau kemampuan untuk mengenali perbedaan kecil dalam penampilan adalah respon dari otak kita. 

Kecenderungan manusia untuk meniru apa yang dilakukan orang lain atau ingin membeli mobil mahal juga merupakan hasil kerja otak kita. 

Ingatan masa kanak-kanak yang tersimpan lebih jelas daripada ingatan saat ini, kemampuan kita untuk mengenang sesuatu hanya dengan mencium baunya juga merupakan respon dari otak kita. 

Setiap tindakan dan pikiran kita adalah produk yang dihasilkan dari respon otak kita.

Apa sebenarnya otak itu? Untuk bisa memahami makhluk bumi, kita pahami lebih dulu isi otaknya! 

About the Author

Jaeun Jung

(English) Ms. Jung studied history in university and wrote her first childrens' history book. She is writing various kinds of children book like science, math or history because she wants to tell knowledge of diverse field to children. She wrote Mendel's pea garden, Dr.Pang's ecological exploration series, and Jaeseung Jung's research report of human.


(Vietnamese) Tác giả học lịch sử ở trường đại học và viết cuốn sách lịch sử đầu tiên dành cho trẻ em. Kể từ đó, tác giả muốn chia sẻ dễ dàng những kiến thức về lĩnh vực khác nhau với trẻ em nên đã viết rất nhiều sách về khoa học, toán học, lịch sử,... cho trẻ em. Các tác phẩm đã xuất bản <Cửa hàng triết học>, <Cửa hàng rô bốt đáng ngờ>, <Vườn đậu của chú Mendel>, series <Khám phá hệ sinh thái của Tiến sĩ Feng>, series <Phép toán bí ẩn của linh hồn toán học>, series <Báo cáo khám phá con người của Jeong Jae-seung>, ....


(Indonesian) Penulis memulai menulis buku tentang sejarah untuk anak-anak setelah mengambil jurusan Ilmu Sejarah, dan saat ini Ia menulis berbagai buku anak-anak. Buku-buku yang Ia tulis antara lain, seri , seri , dll.

Lee Go-eun

Jeong Jaeseung

(English) Jeong Jaeseung is a physicist and brain engineer who studies the brain. He received his master's and doctoral degrees from KAIST for Alzheimer's dementia cerebral modeling and symptom prediction using a complex modeling method. He was professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, professor of physics at Korea University, and assistant professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, currently works in bio and neuroengineering field. His research interests lie in decision-making neuroscience, and focuses on brain-computer interface and brain-based AI. Books he has written include Twelve Footprints and Science Concerts, and he was selected as the Next Generation Global Leader at the 2009 World Economic Forum.


(Japanese) 脳を研究する物理学者、脳科学者。KAISTで物理学専攻で学部を卒業し、同校で複雑系モデリング法を適用したアルツハイマー型認知症の脳モデリングと症状予測で修士号と博士号を取得。2009年世界経済フォーラム(ダボスフォーラム)で「次世代グローバルリーダー」に選ばれ、2011年大韓民国科学文化賞を受賞。著書に『チョン・ジェスンの科学コンサート』、『物理学者は映画で科学を見る』、『脳科学者は映画で人間を見る』などがある。


(Indonesian) Penulis mengambil jurusan Ilmu Fisika di KAIST. Pernah menjabat sebagai peneliti jurusan psikiatris di Yale University Medical School, asisten profesor jurusan psikiatris di Columbia University Medical School, hingga saat ini sebagai profesor BIO and Brain Engineering di KAIST.

Kim Hyun-min

(English) Kim Hyun-min majored in industrial design and became a cartoonist to pursue his childhood dream. Kim has mainly worked on comic books for children. He has published a number of books, including Quiz! Science Common Sense: Insect, The Heritage of the Three States for Children and Dinosaur Kung.


(Indonesian) Penulis saat ini aktif membuat kartun petualangan berjudul di bawah penerbit Prancis dengan berkesempatan mengirimkannya ke Pameran Buku Angoulême di Prancis.

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