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The Gyuri goes to an art museum


Park Cheolmin


kidari publishing


Picture Books


6~8 years old

Overseas Licensing

Publication rights sold to China have expired, valid in China,Visiting Korean Book Fair 2021 France&Belgium


  • #comics
  • #art museum
  • #imagination
  • #the ten Korean symbols of longevity
  • #fantasy picture book
  • #picture book brand Morae-al
  • #Morae-al picture book
  • #Visiting Korean Book Fair 2021 France&Belgium
  • #2022 Visiting Korean Book Fair-Japan

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Michael Kim

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  • Dimensions

    297 * 297

A picture book that seeks an emotional transformation through Gyuri, who goes inside a painting and starts a fantastic adventure, changing the boring and unfamiliar space for grownups into an amusing playground.

Book Intro

(English) The Gyuri goes to an art museum

Gyuri visits an art museum with her mother, but it doesn't amuse her at all. She may like the zoo, but not the art gallery. Gyuri is bored, unlike her mother and her friends; that is, the adults excitedly talking to each other. But when she was looking at a folk painting with animals, Gyuri falls into a wondrous world of imagination. A tiger pops out of the painting and gives Gyuri a ride into the woods, where she has a great time with other animals. She dives into a river and swims with the fish, and sings together with all kinds of birds on a hilltop. Then she hops on a bird's back and flies back to the museum. The fun adventures in the mountains, river, and sky have ended, but from now on, art museums will always be an imaginary playground for Gyuri.

The folk painting that Gyuri saw at the museum demonstrates Korea's unique and original style, carrying the raw and simple images of the folk arts. Because folk paintings are unsophisticated but honest, free but serious, which allow the imagination to stretch endlessly. Gyuri Goes to the Art Museum follows the classic storyline of fantasy picture books. For example, in Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, Max goes off to his imaginary world when he has conflicts with his mother to control his emotions. In this book, Gyuri switches her emotions by going into a painting and starting an imaginary adventure that transforms the boring, unfamiliar space for adults into an amusing playground. Children may feel a vicarious pleasure of learning a range of different emotions from the book.


(French) Gyuri au musée

L’album décrit la journée de Gyuri où elle a plongé et s’est amusée dans les tableaux du musée, et est retournée à la maison. Cependant, elle n’est pas intéressée par la visite du musée pour la première fois. Le vieux bâtiment du musée lui semble bizarre et même sombre. De plus, il n'y avait pas d’amis pour s’amuser ensemble. En revanche, lorsqu'elle voit un tableau folklorique d’animal exposé au musée, elle entre sans hésitation dans le monde de la peinture. Elle part à l’aventure avec les animaux du tableau et ils connaissent un succès du voyage et deviennent les meilleurs amis. Après l'aventure, Gyuri revient à la réalité et rentre chez elle, mais ses pas sont légers.




(中國語/中文) 去美术馆的圭丽








(Japanese) 美術館に行ったギュリ



About the Author

Park Cheolmin

(English) Author Park Cheolmin studied oriental painting at Chugye University for the Arts, and received awards from the Grand Arts Exhibition of Korea(大韓民國美術大展), the Grand Arts Exhibition of Misul Segye(美術世界 大賞展), and the NOMA Concours for Children's Picture Book Illustrations of Japan. Park was invited to enter the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB) In 2003 and 2005. Park was also selected for invited artist in Japan Chihiro Art Museum with his creative picture book Going for a Monster Hunt in 2006. He also won the Korean Children's Book Award and was selected as the author of the year at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. His picture books include Second Cousin; I'm Going to Catch the Monster!; Yeon Orang and Se Onyeo; The Moonlight Train; and Children in the Silver Paper Drawing, and for children, he wrote The Diary of Yangpa the School Girl Bullies 1, 2; That Whale, Lightning; Echo; Sunsaeng, the Boatsman Who Saved the Donghak Army; Rabbit and Dragon King; Thousand Eyes; Ryuta the Independence Activist and So What if You Are the President.


(French) Né à Séoul, il a obtenu son diplôme de l’Université Chugye en arts orientaux et reçu le prix du Salon national de la Corée, le Grand prix mondial des beaux-arts, et le prix du Concours international NOMA de livres jeunesse au Japon. Il a été mentionné en tant qu’artiste de l’année à la Foire du livre de jeunesse de Bologne et le prix de la littérature jeunesse coréenne. Il a publié Gyuri au musée, cousin lointain, Je pars attraper les monstres !, Train au clair de lune, et illustré  Journal de l’Onion exclu, écho.  


(Japanese) 深みと活気に満ちた画法で多くの子供の本に絵を描いてきました。大韓民国美術大展、美術世界大賞展、韓国子ども図書賞、野間国際絵本原画コンクールで銀賞を受賞しました。代表作に絵と文を書いた『美術館に行ったギュリ』、『怪物を捕まえに行くぞ!』、『ユクチョン兄さん』、『千個の目』、『うさぎと竜王』、『ヤンパのいじめ日記1,2』、『会長ならいいのか』、『そのクジラ、ポンゲ(稲妻)』、『メアリ(山びこ)』などに絵を描きました。




Recommended by Chaekdoongi (children's magazine), Morning Reading, 2012

Recommended by the Gyeonggi School Librarians' Association, 2012

Recommended by Morning Reading, 2021


Selected by Bookstart, 2012

Selected by Dongwon Yukyeong Foundation, 2012

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