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Can I Hug You?
: (Japanese) 好きだから抱きしめたけど、なんで? (Vietnamese) Tớ ôm cậu vì tớ thích cậu mà, sao thế?


Lee Hyeon-hye

Lee Hyo-sil


A thousand hope


Picture Books


6~8 years old
9~12 years old

Overseas Licensing

China, Taiwan


  • #sociality
  • #respect
  • #boundary
  • #sexual violence
  • #safety
  • #caring
  • #Japan Online Consultation
  • #2020 Visiting Japan
  • #2022 Visiting Korean Book Fair-Japan

Copyright Contact

Song Soohyun

  • Publication Date

  • No. of pages

  • ISBN

  • Dimensions

    200 * 268

This is a picture book about how to keep boundaries between people and live safely. It follows Junsoo's daily routine from going to school until bedtime.

Book Intro

(English) Can I Hug You?

Junsoo hugged his classmate Jia because he liked her. But Jia got angry. What did Junsoo do wrong? Just as there are borders between countries, there is a border that separates my things from your things. This applies to people too: there is a boundary that separates private areas. 

What should we do when crossing boundaries between people? You must ask first before crossing the line. You must ask the other person if you may use their belongings, if you can play with them, if you may hug them. You must get permission before crossing that border. Junsoo had crossed Jia's border without permission and it displeased Jia. Realizing his mistake, Junsoo writes a letter of apology to Jia and becomes committed to keeping boundaries. 

Education on respecting boundaries allows you to learn the proper values that consider others first without causing harm. If everyone has these values, children will be able to enjoy a safer life without risk. This book explains the importance of keeping boundaries in order to be safe. At the same time, the books warns that kidnapping or sexual assault are crossing boundaries, raising awareness that sexual assault is a part of child safety.

The author of this book has long worked for the rights of children and women. The author has especially supported and educated victims of violence, such as sexual violence, always thinking that prevention is more important than countermeasures. This book has been published as a book for children by combining the academic foundations, which have long been the author's concern as a researcher, with practical planning in the field of child guidance.


(Japanese) 好きで抱きしめたのに、なんで?




(Vietnamese) Tớ ôm cậu vì tớ thích cậu mà, sao thế?

Jun Su ôm chặt lấy bạn Ji A mà mình thích. Thế nhưng Ji A lại nổi giận. Vì Jun Su không hỏi mà tự ý ôm Jinae. Không phải ai cũng có thể tự ý vượt qua đường ranh giới vì đó là phần riêng tư của người khác, trước khi hành động phải hỏi ý kiến của đối phương. Cuốn sách nói về khái niệm và cách thực hành "sự tôn trọng ranh giới" để giữ an toàn và bảo vệ các em nhỏ khỏi sự bạo hành. Hãy cùng suy nghĩ về ranh giới chúng ta phải giữ trong quan hệ giữa tớ và cậu.

About the Author

Lee Hyeon-hye

(English) Lee Hyeonhye studied family studies, counseling psychology and social welfare, and received her Ph.D. in Family Studies. She is currently professor at the Korea Institute for Gender Equality and Education, under the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. She has served as a consultant to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, the Ministry of Justice, and participated in writing a book for sexual violence education at the Ministry of Education.


(Japanese) 文: 家族学、相談心理学、社会福祉学を学び、家族学では博士学位を取得しました。女性家族部の傘下にある韓国両性平等教育振興院で教授として勤務し、女性家族部と法務部の諮問委員及び教育部の性暴力予防教育の執筆委員として活動しました。児童、女性、障がい者に関する多くの書籍を執筆し、関連研究を継続して行っています。た。


(Vietnamese) Tác giả Lee Hyeon-hye (truyện) từng học chuyên ngành Gia đình học, Tâm lý & Tư vấn, Phúc lợi xã hội. Sau đó tiếp tục nhận bằng tiến sĩ ngành Gia đình học. Cô hiện là giáo sư Viện Giáo dục và phát triển bình đẳng giới Hàn Quốc, đồng thời cũng hoạt động với vai trò Ủy viên tư vấn cho Bộ Phụ nữ và Gia đình, Bộ Tư pháp. Bên cạnh đó, cô cũng là Ủy viên biên soạn chương trình giáo dục ngăn chặn bạo lực tình dục của Bộ Giáo dục.



Lee Hyo-sil

(Japanese) 絵: 中央大学で韓国画を、イギリスのキングストン大学ではイラストレーションを学んだ後、現在は子供向けの本の画家として活動しています。落ち着いた雰囲気の絵で子供たちの心を温かく表現します。


(Vietnamese) Tác giả Lee Hyo-sil (tranh) đang theo đuổi sự nghiệp tác giả vẽ tranh cho sách thiếu nhi sau khi học chuyên ngành Hội họa Hàn Quốc tại trường Đại học Chung Ang và Đồ họa tại trường Đại học Kingston của Anh.


(English) Lee Hyosil  studied Korean Painting at Chung-Ang University and illustration at Kingston University. She is currently working as a children's book illustrator. She warmly captures the minds of children with calm and relaxing illustrations.


Openkid, 2017, Recommended as Openkid Good Book


Happy Reading in the Morning, 2016, Selected book

Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, 2019, Selected as Nadaum Chidren\'s Book

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