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Pongpongi’s Smile


Kim Sungeun

Cho Mija


A thousand hope


Picture Books


0~2 years old
3~5 years old
6~8 years old

Overseas Licensing

China, Thailand


  • #2019 CCBF
  • #picture books for young children
  • #laughter
  • #emotion
  • #feeling
  • #traveling
  • #2019 Guadalajara International Book Fair
  • #Visiting Korean Book Fair 2021 France&Belgium

Copyright Contact

Song Soohyun



  • Publication Date

  • No. of pages

  • ISBN

  • Dimensions

    200 * 220

This picture book tells a story about the baby pig Pongpongi and the mole Dongdongi spreading the power of laughter throughout their journey to the Ggalggal Sea.

Book Intro

(English) Pongpongi’s Smile

Pongpongi, the baby pig who never stops smiling, is not happy today. This is because his hat was blown away. As he grunts about the hat, the mole, Dongdongi, asks him to go to Ggalggal Sea(Laughing Sea). As the name suggests, Ggalggal Sea is a special place where everyone laughs out loud, “ggal-ggal-ggal.” When a clam yawns, when a crab walks, and even when a baby turtle runs, everyone laughs out loud. Seeing the laughter and smiles of everyone at the Ggalggal Sea, he slowly loosens up.
How about underwater? There are more fun things happening underwater. Seahorses, squids, octopuses, whales, and even the sun and waves are laughing out loud. Now Pongpongi forgets about depressing matters and smiles broadly.
Laughter is a gift that can be easily shared with others. If I laugh out of joy, the feeling easily and naturally spreads to others. In the laughter of the animal friends at Ggalggal Sea, one can feel a pure sense of joy. As a matter of fact, Ggalggal Sea is a magical place. It can make bad memories go away and it fills everyone up with the energy to laugh out loud. But we can find the same thing in our daily lives as well. With a cheerful laugh, we can overcome even the most difficult situations. It can help us take a step back and observe a situation from a distance, rather than dwelling on bad feelings. From laughter, we can learn how to build a positive attitude in life.
Everyone at Ggalggal Sea is laughing. This laughter even makes the angered and annoyed Pongpongi laugh. Interestingly, everyone has a unique laughter that is all their own. Laughter of some creatures at Ggalggal Sea mimic one of people, and some embody their natural characteristics. From the various sounds of laughter a  reader will be able to feel its true joy. It is also a fun chance to play with words by mimicking the different laughter expressions.


(Vietnamese) Nụ cười của PongPongi

Hôm nay Pongpongi buồn lắm! Bởi vì chiếc nón của bé bay mất rồi. PongPongi cùng Dongdongi đến biển Khúc Khích. Tại đây, bé đã cùng vui cùng cười với các bạn. Và chiếc nón đã bay mất của PongPongi cũng quay trở lại. Nụ cười làm tâm trạng chúng ta tốt lên à? Hay vì tâm trạng vui nên ta cười nhỉ? Sức mạnh của nụ cười xóa tan những chuyện không vui.


(French) <Mes rires s’éclatent >

Aujourd’hui, Pongpongi, un bébé cochon, n’est pas de bonne humeur parce que sa casquette est emportée par le vent. Il fait la tête et il suffoque de colère. Alors son ami Dongdongi, une taupe, lui demande d’aller à la plage KKalkkal. C’est une plage spéciale où tout le monde éclate de rire. En voyant ses amis rire, Pongpongi se sent mieux. À ce moment-là, sa casquette perdue revient ! Le rire le fait sentir mieux ? Allez, nous allons rire avec Pongpongi ! 


Un petit mot de l’auteure

« Les animaux variés dans ce livre ont de différents rires. Il y a un proverbe qui dit « Si on rit, on sera heureux ». J’ai écrit ce livre en espérant que les enfants peuvent garder leur esprit positif n’importe quelle situation. »


About the Author

Kim Sungeun

(French) Kim Sung-eun écrit des livres illustrés pour les enfants.

Elle a écrit des livres comme « Mes rires s’éclatent », « Poisson secret, mon premier animal de compagnie ».

Cho Mija

(English) Cho Mija studied painting for her BA at Hongik University, Seoul. She cuirrently lives in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, and continues to draw illustrations for picture books. Cho always tries to use pure colors and funny lines so that her illustrations feel familiar to children. She started with her first book One Day at a Park in 2000, and since then has published sixteen creative picture books. She wrote One Day at a Park, Climbing with Spider’s Web, Bubble Bubble Pop Pop, I Will Sleep In My Room, Not My Pee!, The Worry Box, Meet  My Friend, Anxiety, Sometimes I, Tire World, Our Last Summer, and more.


(Russian) планирование и написание детских книг. Книги <Улыбка Понгпонги>, <Мои первые питомцы, секретная рыба> и т.д.


(Japanese) 弘益大学で絵画を勉強し、子供本の絵作業をしています。 『イイダコ』、『うちの庭へ遊びに来てください』などの子供の本に絵を描きました。 書いて描いた本で『キヨクはボール』、『花が好き』などがあります


(Vietnamese) Tác giả Jo Mi-ja (tranh) từng học chuyên ngành Hội họa tại trường đại học Hongik và hiện đang theo đuổi công việc vẽ tranh cho truyện thiếu nhi. Tác giả đã vẽ tranh cho nhiều truyện thiếu nhi khác như “Chú mực ống nhỏ”, “Mình ra sân chơi nhé”, v.v, ngoài ra cô cũng là tác giả viết truyện kiêm vẽ tranh của các tác phẩm như  “B là Bóng đá”, “Mình thích bông hoa”, v.v.


(French) L’auteure a étudié la peinture à l’Université Hongik et actuellement, elle fait des illustrations des livres pour les enfants. Elle a participé à l’illustration des livres tels que « Petit Poulpe », « Boîte d’inquiétudes » et « Ce n’est pas mon pipi ! ».

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