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A Red Fruit


Lee Gee Eun




Picture Books


0~2 years old
3~5 years old
6~8 years old

Overseas Licensing

French, Traditional Chinese


  • #children's picture book
  • #family
  • #adventure: animals
  • #Visiting Korean Book Fair 2021 ASEAN
  • #Video Conference
  • #2019 China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair
  • #Indonesia online Consultation

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Kang Hyun Joo

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  • ISBN

  • Dimensions

    190 * 300

Dream of a baby bear who wants to taste a red fruit Innocent adventure we want to keep cheering up

Book Intro

(English) A Red Fruit

Everything red looks like fruit to a bear climbing up a tree in search of a red fruit. Every time the bear finds something red, he thinks its a fruit, but soon discovers that he's mistaken. Although this happens again and again, he does not get disappointed or give up. Instead, he says, "Hello!" to a caterpillar, a squirrel and a beehive as if he really enjoys even those moments. The journey up and up the tree is meaningful in itself to the bear because he enjoys the process of searching for his dream. One cannot but cheer him. In particular, his innocence when he shouts, "A really big red fruit!" at the rising sun is beyond cute - it's lovable. The plot of the story- a bear looking for a red fruit - is very simple, but you keep wondering what will happen next. The charm of this book is that you can focus on ever single element because the structure is so simple. The scenes of the dense forest and the bear climbing up the tree, drawn to fill up the whole page, look simple. But as those scenes cross over, a visual rhythm is formed. Most of these scenes were drawn only with Chinsese ink and the color red on a white backdrop. The Chinese ink, rough but spread out smoothly, harmonizes with the overall atmosphere of the book. The same goes for the words. The words are short, as if blurted out, and sound like the baby bear following his instincts or the voice of an observer watching the baby bear from a distance. The voice goes on methodically, without any rhetoric, perfectly suiting the bear who silently climbs up the tree and even falls out of it calmly. The story in A Red Fruit simultaneously presents both the sense of exhilaration that comes from an adventure and  the sense of safety provided by a guardian. A young reader can have fun playing in the picture book, as if he/she has become the bear. Children can also remember times when they chased something for a moment as they watch the actions of the bear, who is slow and not sure of himself. Perhaps, this story of pure joy in the pursuit of a dream and the dependable big bear to catch you if you fall down may seem unrealistic to adults. But that's why this story keeps on touching a corner of our hearts. Every one has something they want to eat, have or do, just like the red fruit.


(Vietnamese) Quả màu đỏ

Đối với một chú gấu trèo lên cây để tìm một trái cây màu đỏ thì bất cứ thứ gì màu đỏ cũng giống như thứ trái cây đó. Mỗi lần thấy vật gì màu đỏ chú đều hét lên "A!" đầy hy vọng nhưng rồi liên tiếp nhận ra rằng đó không phải thứ quả mình tìm kiếm, nhưng thay vì thất vọng hay bỏ cuộc, sự ngây thơ của gấu con lại chào đón những chú ấu trùng, bạn sóc và bầy ong.


(Indonesian) Buah merah

Beruang yang memanjat pohon demi mencari buah merah tidak tahu apakah warna merah itu dan hanya tahu semuanya terlihat seperti buah. Setiap kali Beruang berkata 'Ah!' dan berharap menemukan buah merah, dia berulang kali mengecek apakah buah itu buah merah dan ternyata bukan secara berulang kali. Alih-alih kecewa atau menyerah, ia malah menuju sarang lebah dan menyapa ulat, tupai dan sarang lebah tanpa rasa bersalah.

About the Author

Lee Gee Eun

(English) I studied design and drawing in Korea and the U.K. The books I wrote and illustrated include A Paper Dad, A Grandma Mom, and A Red Fruit. I have also illustrated for picture books like I’m the Boss of Brushing Teeth, Seoni’s Blanket, The Tiger Hunting Dwarf, and A Book on Cold and children’s books, such as The Story of Ms. Park, Chosun Special investigation Team, Finding Hidden Shoes, and Nonviolent Communication for Children.


(French) Yi Gee Eun a fait des études de design et de dessin en Corée du Sud et au Royaume-Uni. Il a écrit et dessiné beaucoup de livres tels que "Mon papa en papier", "Grand-mère, ma mère", "Fruits rouges", "Légende de Patbingsu" et "Iparapa Nyamunyamu". D'autres livres de peinture tels que "Je suis le capitaine du brossage des dents", "La couverture de soleil", "La chasse du clochard nain", "Le livre du froid", les livres de contes de fées "La famille de Park" et "Trouver les chaussures cachées".


(Vietnamese) Học thiết kế và hội họa ở Hàn Quốc và Anh. Sách đã vẽ và viết gồm có "bố giấy", "bà và mẹ", "quả thanh mai". Ngoài ra có sách tranh "Thủ lĩnh đánh răng", "Chăn của Seoni", "Cậu bé người lùn săn cọp", vẽ tranh cho truyện thiếu nhi "Đội điều tra đặc biệt Joseon", "Tìm đôi giày bị giấu", "Đối thoại không bạo lực cho trẻ em".


(Indonesian) Penulis belajar desain dan gambar di Korea dan Inggris. Buku yang ia tulis dan gambar antara lain.<Ayah kertas>, <Ibu nenek>, <Buah merah>. Selain itu <Kapten gosok gigi> <selimut Seoni>, < Berburu harimau kerdil>, <buku demam> dan menggambar dalam buku cerita anak < Park Ssi Jeon>, <Investigasi spesial zaman Joseon>, <Mencari sandal yang disembunyikan>< Percakapan tanpa kekeresan untuk anak-anak>dan lain lan.


(Japanese) 韓国とイギリスでデザインと絵を勉強しました。絵と文を書いた本には『紙パパ』、『おばあちゃんのお母さん』、『赤い実』、『パッピンスの伝説』などがあります。2021年、ボローニャラガッツィ賞コミック-幼児絵本部門大賞を受賞しました。


Happy Reading in the Morning, 2019, Recommended book

Bestseller Rank

YES 24, Top 100 Children's picture books for 3 weeks

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