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Geon-bang's Audacious Martial Arts Training, Vol. 1 – 5


Hyo-jung Chun

Kang Gyeongsu


BIR Publishing Co., Ltd.


Genre Literature


9~12 years old

Overseas Licensing


  • #Martial arts
  • #training
  • #duel

Copyright Contact

Claire Yang

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Korea's first martial-arts-themed children's book.

Book Intro

Geon-bang's Audacious Martial Arts Training tells the story of Geon, an elementary school student who loses his last remaining kin and devotes three years of his life to learning the Obang style of martial arts under Master Obang. After losing his grandmother, Geon decides to visit the House of Secrets, a place he often visited when feeling lonely or frustrated, one last time before entering an orphanage. Upon entering, he inadvertently catches a glimpse of a martial artist breaking boulders with his bare hands. Stumbling back in astonishment, Geon is discovered by Master Obang, the martial artist, and accused of eavesdropping in on the secrets of Obang style. However, Geon defiantly challenges Master Obang to a duel. Surprised by Geon's unexpected boldness and skill, Master Obang decides to accept Geon as his pupil, starting their wild relationship. Of course, Geon's journey as a martial arts pupil is fraught with unexpected twists and turns. Since Master Obang has no sense of finances, Geon has to take on economic responsibilities. Plus, he's tasked with ridiculous training duties, such as massaging Master Obang. After two years, Geon is faced with a challenge, and he finally learns the real meaning behind the Obang tenet that a sincere mind and belief in oneself are the true path to making everything possible. Master Obang finally accepts Geon as his true disciple and gives him the name Geon-bang, meaning "defender of the heavens". And so begins Geon-bang's audacious martial arts training.

In the face of having to overcome the loss of a precious family member, Geon-bang and his fighting spirit, combined with a genuine martial arts theme never-before-seen in Korean children's books, deliver a sense of tension and delight to readers. Gyung-soo Kang, the author, meaningfully conveys the various facets of the characters and a message of "promotion of virtue and prevention of vice". Kang, recipient of the Bologna Ragazzi Award, delivers a fun story through colorful action scenes and faithful portrayals of each character.

About the Author

Hyo-jung Chun

(English) Cheon Hyo-jeong was born in 1982 in Seocheon, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. After graduating from Kongju National University of Education and the Graduate School at Korea National University of Education, she now works as an elementary school teacher. She won the 14th Munhakdongne Children’s Literature Award for Seven Burial Days of Sambaek and received favorable reviews that described her as a born storyteller. A year later, after undergoing strict screening by 100 children's judges, Tale of Cheeky’s Cheeky Training was selected as the 2nd Story King Award in 2014, earning accolades. Tale of Cheeky’s Cheeky Training (Set 1, 5 volumes) was followed by Set 2, Tale of Cheeky’s Superpower Training. Other books she has written include The Amazingly Easy Way to Do HomeworkThe Struggle for First LoveHow to Raise a Baby Raccoon, and Neuty the Goblin’s Entry into Seoul.

Kang Gyeongsu

(English) Kang loves to doodle, daydream and goof around with his son, Parang. Kang began drawing as he drew comics and is now an author loved for all his work. The Codename series is a realization of Kang’s long imagined dream. Kang has illustrated for many story books and some of his own books include The unbelievable story, I’ll give you a flower, The snowstorm, The big fart, My Mom, Why x 100, etc. Kang received the Ragazzi award in the nonfiction category at the 2011 Bologna Children’s Book Fair for his work The unbelievable story.


(French) Elle aime gribouiller et rêvasser. Les livres qu'elle a écrits et dessinés étaient « Une histoire comme un mensonge » et « Je suis en colère ! ». Et d'autres comme Gros pet, ma mère, Pourquoi x100 et les séries Codename. Il a remporté le Ragazzi Award for Non-Fiction à la Foire internationale du livre pour enfants de Bologne 2011 pour "Une histoire comme un mensonge".


(Vietnamese) Thích việc vẽ tranh tường và những điều không tưởng, và thích chơi đùa với con trai mình, Ppa-rang. Bắt đầu từ việc vẽ tranh và vẽ truyện tranh, bây giờ đã trở thành một nhà văn được độc giả yêu mến với mỗi tác phẩm được cho ra mắt. Thời gian qua đã vẽ tranh cho nhiều truyện cổ tích thiếu nhi như  bộ truyện "Code name", "câu chuyện như một lời nói dối", "Tiếng đánh rắm khổng lồ". Tác phẩm "câu chuyện như một lời nói dối" đã nhận giải xuất sắc Giải thưởng Lagazi cho hạng mục tiểu thuyết hư cấu tại Triển lãm sách Bologna năm 2011.


(Russian) Автор предпочитает работать в стиле каракулей и фэнтэзи, любит играть со своим сыном. Работая над комиксами, постепенно перешел к иллюстрированию детских книг. Сейчас каждая книга - это настоящее художественное произведение. Среди его книг серия "Кодовое имя", "История, непохожая на правду", "Я в гневе!", "Большой пук", "Моя мама", "Почему Х 100" и др. В 2011 г. - "История, непохожая на правду" получила главный премия в номинации нон-фикшн на Болонской книжной ярмарке.

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