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Two Moons
: (Russian) Две Луны


Jeon Sunghyun

Cho Sungheum


Moonji Publishing Co., Ltd.


Literature & Fiction


Young Adult

Overseas Licensing


  • #parallel theory
  • #adventure
  • #challenge
  • #virus
  • #parallel universe
  • #2020 Moscow International Book Fair

Copyright Contact

Yun Seohee

  • Publication Date

  • No. of pages

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  • Dimensions

    152 * 212

Numerous adventures and challenges unfold breathlessly, as they try to escape from the danger lurking before them!

Book Intro

(Russian) Две Луны

В день, когда взошли две Луны, кто-то похитил главного героя и увел его в в параллельную вселенную. Там его обвиняют в том, что он распространяет вирус и изолируют в отдельном помещении. Там он увидел мальчика точь-в-точь похожего на него. В книге можно встретить такие выражиния как «новый тип вируса, вырвавшийся из лаборатории», «соблюдение социальной дистанции», «отмена школьных занятий» и так далее. Сюжет книги очень сильно напоминает сегодняшнюю ситуацию, словно автор предвидел все это.


(English) Two Moons

This is a new full-length children’s story from Jeon Sanghyun—published by Moonji Publishing. Jeon is known for the way he captures various issues and concerns through an exceptional imagination, synthesizing the virtual world and the real world to create a new world that seems on the verge of possibility. What if someone just like me exists somewhere else in the universe? What if another world exists that closely resembles the world in which I live? What if I encounter a new world that others cannot see? These are some of the questions that all of us may have pondered.

This imagination, shared by us all, becomes reality and comes closer to us when we meet the two protagonists of the story, Suho and Gaon. Set in a new world, the author unfolds a story about truth, falsehood, and responsibility—set against the backdrop of such important issues as human survival amidst disasters and viruses that cannot be ignored—in a vivid and compelling manner. 

From their age to their physical appearance, Suho and Gaon resemble each other like twins. Yet, they are unaware of each other’s existence. Living with his parents who both work full-time, Suho is an ordinary teenage boy who dreams of his future every now and then. To him, serious social issues only concern grown-ups—probably because he’s too young to take any action on his own. Then, one day, he finds himself faced with the prospect of becoming a main agent. His uneventful daily life is soon shaken by great adventures and challenges. 

One rainy afternoon, Suho, alone at home, encounters a series of strange phenomena. Suddenly, the window slides open and the TV changes the channel to a breaking news story about the outbreak of a highly contagious AI virus. Even before Suho has time to think about what he’s just heard, a boy’s voice is heard clearly: “The hunter is out and about. Run!” A hunter in a city? On TV, a film critic shares a conversation with a director whose disaster film is set to be released soon. As they discuss rather seriously the fundamental causes of various disasters occurring around the world, a broken compass carelessly thrown into the desk drawer starts shaking uncontrollably, as if to send a signal to Suho. 

About the Author

Jeon Sunghyun

(Russian) В 2009 году Чон Сонхён выграла конкурс для начинающих писателей газеты «Чосон Ильбо», и начала писательскую карьеру, а также получила главный приз 15-ого конкурса «Лучшая детская книга» Чанби за рукопись для своей книги. Она написала сказки «Пропавший дневник» и «Сирена» и т.д. 


(English) Jeon Sunghyun started his career as a writer in 2009 with his story, winning the annual spring literary contest by Chosun Ilbo and received the 15th Changbi Good Children's Book Award. Books Jeon has written include The Lost Diary and Siren.

Cho Sungheum


2018 Outstanding Literary Title

В 2018 году книга была выбрана книгой для проекта по раздачи книг художественной литературы Корейского художественного совета

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