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Alice in Wonder Galaxy
: The Solar System and Stars


Cho Inn-ha

Kim Suju

Sim Boyeong


Chungaram media


Science & Technology


9~12 years old

Overseas Licensing


  • #science fairy tale
  • #space
  • #earth science
  • #2022 Visiting Korean Book Fair-Indonesia
  • #2022 Visiting Korean Book Fair-Japan

Copyright Contact

Kang Yueun

  • Publication Date

  • No. of pages

  • ISBN

  • Dimensions

    150 * 225

Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, this book tells the tales of Alice’s strange and mysterious space adventures. Alice follows the White Rabbit, the Universe’s mail deliverer, and gains essential scientific knowledge along the way.

Book Intro

(English) Alice in Wonder Galaxy

* Will There Be Life on Other Planets? Will We Be Able to Travel Beyond our Solar System? Into the Intriguing, Imaginative Universe! *


The immense universe is full of unknowns, more mysteries than what we have learned so far. Is there life on other planets? How many stars are there in our galaxy? Can we travel beyond our solar system? There are so many unanswered questions, and scientists are seeking ways to answer them.


Alice in Wonder Space is a story that spices up our common scientific knowledge with some fascinating imagination. Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, the book features strange and mysterious adventures of Alice. She follows the White Rabbit, the Universe’s mail deliverer. Alice enjoys watching the planets, stars, nebulas, and galaxies for the first time in her life on a spaceship, but she soon gets tangled in some unexpected events. Will she be able to end her adventure and get home safely?


* From the Solar System to the Andromeda Galaxy, the Home of Queen Alpha! Let’s Learn the Characteristics of Celestial Bodies While Traveling the Universe! *


Alice and White Rabbit’s spaceship first travels to the moon, the closest celestial body to the earth; Mars and Jupiter, two planets in the solar system; and then towards their final destination—the Andromeda Galaxy where Queen Alpha lives. Observing the celestial bodies and the strange cosmic phenomenon of a black hole outside of her window, Alice wonders: why does the moon’s sky look black even with the sun up? What is the difference between stars and planets? Why is Mars red? How does a black hole form? Whenever she asks a question, the White Rabbit, the expert on the universe, kindly answers them. The concepts and knowledge that the White Rabbit provides in his explanation are organized in the section, “White Rabbit’s Secret Diary” at the end of the book so that readers can examine the details again. The book intends to help children develop curiosity in a fun, exciting way by discussing the principles of celestial bodies while traveling with Alice.


* From Moon Rabbit, to Strange Aliens, to Bill the Lizard, to a Mail Thief—A Story Full of Ingenuity and Uniqueness *


Kim Suju and Cho Inn-ha, who studied physics and chemistry, respectively, created this intriguing, dynamic story so that children can gain basic scientific knowledge and indulge in their unique, imaginative narrative. Specifically, three scenes are the highlight of the book: first, when Alice and the White Rabbit are debating if a rabbit lives on the moon, pounding rice in a mortar. To settle the argument, they go to the moon and check for themselves. The second scene is when the space station is jam-packed with aliens from all over the universe. The last scene is when Bill the lizard plays a trick in an attempt to steal the mail. 




Sim Boyoung, the illustrator, expresses the characters and scenes in vivid, lively, and dynamic ways because of her fascination with the thematic elements of the universe. She also hides special illustration devices throughout the story, which make it even richer.



(Japanese) 不思議の宇宙のアリス




About the Author

Cho Inn-ha

(English) After studying chemistry at Sookmyung Women's University, the author made children’s books on knowledge for a long time in a publishing company. This book started by pondering over how elementary school students can study math that they find most difficult in an easy and fun way. She has written books, including the [Math Detectives] series and 『Science Detectives』, 『Alice in Space Wonderland』, 『Isn’t There a Planet that Accepts Humans?』, 『Science Study in Everyday Life』, 『How Do I Survive?』, 『Feel the Weather (Coauthor)』, and 『Smart Mr. Convergence Science, feel the Weather (Coauthor)』.


(Russian) Чо Ин Ха (Автор): изучала химию в женском университете Сукмён, а потом долгое время писала книгу знаний для детей в издательской компании. Среди работ автора: серии [Математические детективы],” Научные детективы “,” Алиса в странной Вселенной “,” Где находится планета, которая примет людей? “,”Обучение науки в жизни “, Как нам выжить?”, Почувствуй погоду”(Соавтор) “, “Мистер Умная наука, Почувствуй Погоду (Соавтор).


(Vietnamese) Tác giả Jo In Ha bắt bầu việc sáng tác từ những suy nghĩ để làm sao có thể học môn toán - môn học hóc búa nhất một cách dễ dàng và thú vị, và nói rằng thấy vô cùng vui thích trong suốt quá trình sáng tác. Các tác phẩm gồm có Bộ truyện "Thám tử toán học", "Đâu là hành tinh chấp nhận con người", "Nghiên cứu Khoa học trong đời sống".


(Indonesian) Setelah belajar Ilmu Kimia di Universitas Wanita Sookmyung, penulis membuat buku pengetahuan untuk anak-anak dalam kurun waktu yang lama di sebuah perusahaan penerbitan. Buku ini dimulai dengan perhatiannya terhadap metode belajar matematika yang menurut siswa SD paling sulit menjadi mudah dan menarik. Buku-buku yang Ia tulis antara lain, seri [Detektif Matematika] dan 『Detektif Sains』, 『Mempelajari Sains dalam Kehidupan』, 『Bagaimana Bertahan Hidup?』, 『Mengenal Cuaca (kolaborasi)』, 『Bapak Cerdas Ilmu Konvergensi - Mengenal Cuaca (kolaborasi)』, dll.


(Japanese) 淑明女子大学で化学を勉強した後、出版社で長い間子供のための知識書を作った。この本は、小学生が最も難しいと感じる数学をどうすれば、簡単で楽しく勉強できるかという悩みから作り始めたが、書く間ずっと楽しかった。書いた本は『数学探偵』シリーズと『科学探偵』、『不思議な宇宙のアリス』、『人間を受け入れる惑星どこかにありませんか?』、『生活の中の科学の勉強』などがある。

Kim Suju

(English) Kim Suju studied physics at Ewha Womans University, and has since written fun-filled children’s books. She was also involved in storyboarding books including the Math Plus Series, Science Plus Series, The Survival of Fusion Scientific Expedition, and wrote Math Learning in Everyday Life and Cough Holmes’ Scientific Investigation on the X-Files.

Sim Boyeong

(English) Sim Boyoung, born in Seoul, studied design. Ever since she stumbled onto the charm of picture books, she has worked as an illustrator, finding and creating images in books. She illustrated Inside the Pencil Case in the Dead of Night, The Weight of Secrets, and many more books. She is also an author, and is the writer of books including Bzzz! Honey Drugstore series and Hot, Hot Mr. Dumpling.

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