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The Day of Kidnapping


Jeong Haeyeon




Genre Literature
Literature & Fiction


Young Adult

Overseas Licensing



  • #mystery
  • #thriller
  • #comedy
  • #kidnapping
  • #genius girl
  • #Indonesia online Consultation

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Hyae-myung Lee

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  • Dimensions

    130 * 203

An unlikely combination of a clumsy kidnapper and a genius girl who belongs to the top 0.01 percentile.

Book Intro

(English) The Day of Kidnapping

“Let me introduce my kidnapper” 

Myeongjun decides to kidnap someone in order to make money for his daughter’s surgery, but in the ensuing action causes a car acciden by mistake. His car knocks down a girl named Rohee, who was in fact his target of abduction. Rohee loses her memory as a result of the car accident, and believing Myeongjun is her father, keeps him on the trot. Impatient to return Rohee to her real family, Myeongjun rings up her parents, but they don’t pick up the phone. As a last resort, he goes to spy on Rohee’s house, and what should he see but the dead bodies of her parents being carried out of the house before his very eyes! To make matters worse, despite her memory loss, Rohee’s genius brain remains unscathed, and so she starts to suspect Myeongjun’s clumsy lies.  

A delightful everyday mystery from Jeong Haeyeon, who is fast becoming a major thriller writer in Korea. 

With five full-length thriller novels under her belt, Jeong Haeyeon has mostly depicted the inner malice and appalling duplicity of humanity. This is yet another masterpiece from the highly talented writer, which deals with the subject matter of abduction but retains humor from start to finish. The unlikely chemistry between the clumsy yet humane thirty-something Myeongjun and the teenage genius Rohee gives rise to many laughs. Yet at the same time, the novel never loses its identity as a thriller. As Detective Sang-yoon gets to the bottom of the case step by step, we become overcome with the chilling fear of human malice. Then there is the pleasure of an unexpected twist. When the truth is exposed in full, it becomes clear how the selfish human desire to get ahead can have terrible consequences. 

At first, the relationship between Myeongjun and Rohee seems to be clearly defined as that between perpetrator and victim or adult and child. However, while Myeongjun is simple-minded and clumsy, Rohee is intelligent and quick-witted, and so the situation is soon reversed. Their relationship takes another turn when they pretend to be father and daughter. Rohee, who is not used to calling anyone Dad, finds it difficult to ignore Myeongjun’s blind affection for his daughter. The author satirizes Korean society, where many parents treat their kids as their possessions, and questions the real value of family through the uncanny bond between Myeongjun the kidnapper and Rohee the victim.


(Vietnamese) Ngày bắt cóc

Cuốn tiểu thuyết kinh dị thứ năm của tác giả Jeong Hae Yeon, miêu tả tâm địa độc ác và tính hai mặt rùng rợn trong nội tâm con người. Myeong Jun, người quyết định thực hiện vụ một bắt cóc để lo chi phí phẫu thuật cho con gái, đã đâm đứa trẻ định bắt cóc bằng xe hơi. Do vụ tai nạn Ro Hee - đứa bé ấy đã bị mất trí nhớ và nhầm tưởng Myeong Jun là bố mình, Myeong Jun đã tìm đến nhà Ro Hee để thương lượng tiền chuộc, nhưng phát hiện tháy thi thể của 1 cặp vợ chồng ở trong đó.   


(Indonesian) Hari penculikan

Novel ini merupakan novel thriller kelima dari penulis Jonghaeyon yang menceritakan dualitas mengerikan dari sisi dalam manusia dan setan. Cerita dimulai ketika Myeongjun memutuskan melakukan penculikan untuk membiayai pengobatan putrinya. Saat melakukan tindakannya, ia malah menabrak anak yang akan ia culik itu. Akibatnya, si anak kehilangan ingatan dan memanggil Myeongjun "ayah" karena ia mengira begitu. Myeongjun lalu pergi ke rumah si anak untuk membicarakan harga tebusan, alangkah kagetnya ketika ia malah menemukan mayat orang tua si anak tersebut. Penasaran kan kisahnya?

About the Author

Jeong Haeyeon

(English) Author Jeong Hae-yeon released a number of novels including Double, The Investigation Log of the Handsome Resident at Bongmyeong Apartment, The Day of Abduction, and The Place of the Flamingo. She also participated in anthologies Short Mystery Thriller Collection of Korea 5 and Those. The Investigation Log of the Handsome Resident at Bongmyeong Apartment and The Day of Abduction will be adapted into a TV series, and The Day of Salvation, into a movie. 

Youthful Hundred Days won an excellence award at the Korea Storyteller Contest; The Investigation Log of the Handsome Resident at Bongmyeong Apartment, a grand prize at a e-serial contest hosted by YES24; and I Killed Him, a gold prize at the Detective-Mystery-Thriller Contest co-hosted by KakaoPage and CJ E&M. 


(Vietnamese) Một nhà văn kinh dị bí ẩn thích tưởng tượng sự ác độc ẩn sau những lời nói che đậy sự thô tục của một con người. Năm 2012, tác giả đã giành được Giải thưởng xuất sắc cho <Một trăm ngày tuổi trẻ> tại Cuộc thi Câu chuyện Hàn Quốc, và vào năm 2018, nhận được giải vàng cho <Tôi đã giết nó> tại Cuộc thi tiểu thuyết Chumis (trinh thám, bí ẩn, kinh dị) do CJ E&M và Kakao Page đồng tổ chức. Có một số tác phẩm dự kiến được sản xuất thành phim truyền hình như “Ngày bắt cóc” và “Nhật ký điều tra mỹ nam ở chung cư Bongmyeong”.


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