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Itchy Itchy
: (Vietnamese) Ngứa ngáy


Seo Hyun




Picture Books


3~5 years old

Overseas Licensing


  • #picture book for toddlers
  • #play
  • #humor
  • #2019 Gothenburg Book Fair
  • #2020 Moscow International Book Fair

Copyright Contact

Kang Hyun Joo

  • Publication Date

  • No. of pages

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  • Dimensions

    217 * 264

Itch Itch is a picture book where hairs fall off a boy's head and become "other selves." The boy and the "other selves" dance together all over the place, sharing joy.

Book Intro

(Vietnamese) Ngứa ngáy

Trí tưởng tượng bắt đầu từ một sợi tóc, đưa đến hình ảnh nhân vật đầy cảm xúc, hành động cử chỉ và âm thanh vui nhộn, và nhảy múa theo nhóm đã thu hút sự chú ý ngay lập tức.Khi bạn rơi vào một ảo giác vui nhộn rồi bước ra, bạ cũng sẽ cảm thấy thế giới bên ngoài cuốn sách cũng sống động lạ thường. Đây là một cuốn sách ảnh để lại dư âm vui vẻ rất lâu trong lòng bạn.


(Russian) Щекотка

Всё начинается с одной волосинки на голове у нашего впечатлительного персонажа. Ему стало щекотно, и он почесал макушку. С макушки упали несколько волосков – ой, так это же маленькие я! Яркие эмоции передаёт даже подбор шрифта: буквы то увеличиваются, то уменьшаются, то пускаются в пляс по волне.


(English) Itchy Itchy

On the cover of the book, there is a boy with yellow skin holding one strand of hair. His yellow face with a few strands of hair falling down around it and his round eyes look cute. Itch, itch? What can be making the boy itch?

The story starts with the boy scratching his head thoughtlessly, because it is itchy. A couple of hairs fall off and becomes other "mes." The seven boys – the original “me” and six new “mes” – start to dance. At first, the boys dance to mom, dad and their older sister. They mischievously run to them and nag them to play. But even though they make a great fuss it throughout the house, they still want to play more. So the boy and other mes go out of the house.

Outside, their actions get bigger and their areas wider. They hop around and get on a bus to go far away. Probably, a reader with keen eyesight will have noticed by now that only the real ""me” has his eyes wide open. Joy is left behind wherever the boys pass. People who meet the boys receive the joy and start to dance. People the boys passed while hopping, the bus they rode on, and the mountain which seemed uninterested all start to dance. An octopus whom they met in the middle of the ocean throws the boys, one by one, back to land.

The real ""me"" is dancing merrily when suddenly, uh-oh, his head starts to itch again. He scratches his head hard. Even more "mes" appear. He keeps on scratching hard and countless ""mes"" show up. It's group dance time! Become happy for no reason. It’s the pleasure you feel the instant you become absorbed in something, the vitality felt after playing to your fullest. It’s exhilarating the moment you are immersed in the scene. Oh yeah!

Itch Itch is a picture book you read with all the senses of your body. It feels like some part of your body is itchy when you hear the words “itch itch.” You also want to sway your body when the boys shake and dance. The further and the higher the boys go, the more plesant you become. When he shouts “hooray,” the excited feeling bursts out in sound. The afterimage of joy remains for a long time after reading this book."


About the Author

Seo Hyun

(English) Born in 1982 in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, Seo Hyun is a picture book writer with witty illustrations and stories full of live bold and rich expressions. Seo Hyun graduated from Hongik University with a major in Painting and studied illustration in HILLS. Seo has been trying various expressions with cartoonish imaginations because she has always liked cartoons since she was a little child. Her goal is to create humorous picture books that everyone can enjoy. Picture books with illustrations Seo has drawn include The Strange Keyring, Poop Science Museum and Drinking the Moon. Books Seo has written include Ocean of Tears and Running Electrons and Flowing Electrics.


(French) C'est aussi un voyageur qui vole dans sa tête à la recherche d'un humour caché comme un sifflet jaune. Nous travaillons avec des livres d'images et fabriquons des jouets artistiques. Il a reçu le prix 2017 des publications et de la culture coréennes pour le livre d'images "Chatouillements". Le livre que j'ai écrit et dessiné, "Mer de larmes", a grandi !


(Vietnamese) Tác tốt nghiệp Khoa Hội họa tại Đại học Hongik và theo học ngành minh họa tại trường minh họa Hàn Quốc (Hills). Tác phẩm tiêu biểu có 《Những đứa trẻ dính vào bảng đen》 và 《Chuỗi chìa khóa kỳ lạ》, và đã vừa sáng tác vừa vẽ 《Biển nước mắt》, 《Cao lên rồi!》


(Indonesian) Penulis adalah orang yang melakukan satu hal yang menarik pada satu hari. Untuk mencari humor yang tersembunyi, penulis berkelana di pikiran. Karena ia menyukai membuat dan menggambar sesuatu, saat ini penulis membuat buku bergambar dan mainan berseni. Penulis telah menghasilkan berbagai karya antara lain " Lautan Tangis", "Tambah besar!", "geli".


(Japanese) 一日に一つずつ面白いことをしながら過ごします。隠れたユーモアを探して頭の中をさまよう旅人でもあります。作ったり描くことが好きで絵本作業もし、アートトイも作っています。いろんな子供の本に絵を描いて、絵本『涙の海』『大きくなった!』『こちょこちょ』を発刊しました



Hankook Ilbo, 2017, 58th Korea Publishing Culture Award in Children and Youth

Selected by Sejong Literature Sharing (2017)

Recommended Open Children (2018)

Recommended by Happy Morning Reading (2018)

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