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Pinocchio, Let's Go on a Trip with Economy


Mun Seongcheol

Lee Aeyoung


Noble with Books Publishing


Children's Other Books


9~12 years old

Overseas Licensing



  • #Pinocchio
  • #children's stories
  • #thinking box
  • #philosophy for elementary school students
  • #way of thinking of elementary school students
  • #2021 Visiting Korean Book Fair North America
  • #2022 Visiting Korean Book Fair-Indonesia

Copyright Contact

Cho Sunwoo

  • Publication Date

  • No. of pages

  • ISBN

  • Dimensions

    150 * 210

This book is a children's book about economy that teaches children economy by describing Pinocchio's exciting travel.

Book Intro

(English) Pinocchio, Let's Go on a Trip with Economy

A child with a sense of economy grows as an adult who realizes his/her dream

This book explains economic principles in the form of a fairytale to promote children's interest in economy. In the story, Pinocchio, our hero, finds a pair of rubby shoes one day. He really wants to get the shoes, but realizes that he cannot buy them because his family does not have enough money. However, he unexpectedly finds a way to have the rubby shoes, and goes on a trip. During traveling, he meets many people, has various experiences, and nurtures his sense of economy that he has yet to have.

The author tells the reason why she wrote this story in the epilogue.

"When I was a child, I wondered which class my family was in. I wanted to know whether we were rich or medium or poor. It was because I wanted to understand the reason why Mom could not buy me a toy from my own view of the world. However, grown-ups did not explain it to me. They just said I had to endure."

Now, children don't have to endure any more. It is because they can learn the concept of money and economic law easily and interestingly from Pinocchio, Let's Go on a Trip with Economy.

Then she goes on to explain as follows.

"But now that I have become a parent, it was not easy to explain the concept of money to my child. It was difficult to find where I begin, and I also had a concern: “what if my child would lose the innocence as a child?" This book is a product of the agonies of mine. I wrote this book in the hope of helping children growing a sense of economy. Reading the exciting travel stories, children can easily learn how to keep a record of their spending and how to use a bank."

This book can be a great solution for parents who have found difficulty in teaching their children the concept of money. With this book, children may grow economic sense without losing their childhood sense of wonder. This is good to read for kids and their parents as well. In addition, this is also good for kids and teachers to have discussions in the classroom. Creative illustrations that beautifully stimulate your imagination make your trip with Pinocchio even more exciting and happier. You may feel touched and experience the joy of learning as well.

At the end of this book, mother, father, children, and teacher could share precious happy memories together.


(中國語/中文) 匹诺曹,一起踏上经济之旅吧



(French) Pinocchio, allons-y avec l'économie.


(Japanese) ピノキオ、経済と一緒に旅立とう

About the Author

Mun Seongcheol


・(韓国職業放送・YTN 創業 IT講義



Mun Seongcheol lives as a father of Ssong and a writer. In the hope of passing the joy of reading to his four-year-old daughter as a legacy, he keeps polishing his vocal mimicry skill.

  While browsing so-called recommended books to select a book for his daughter, he found out that there are only a few economy books for childrenl, which motivated him to write Pinocchio, Let's Go on a Trip with Economy.

  He has authored Why Is There No Zuckerberg in Korea?, Power of Venturing, Late Bloomer CEO, It's O.K. Even If You Are Gloomy, Bullet-proof Studies, and the like. Why Is There No Zuckerberg in Korea? was selected as an entry work and is expected to be introduced in the 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair.

• Instructor on Korea TV Worknet and YTN

• Representative of Santa Fruits Inc. and Youth Sea Food Inc.

• Worked for Business Development Team at Hyundai Corporation

• Worked for IT Solution Business Department at Samsung Electronics

• Graduated from Yonsei University as a business management major

Lee Aeyoung

(English) Lee Aeyoung is an illustrator using artist name Hato (drawing calligrapher). She authored Irresistible Watercolor Calligraphy (2016). Her works include F&B brochures and wall illustrations at Starfield Hanam, Goyang, and Trade Center, F&B brochures for Shinsegye Department Store Gangnam and Daegu, and Shinsegye application illustrations, calligraphies in filmography videos of actors/actresses, for example, Jeon Do Yeon, Yu A In, Go Su, and Ryu Seong Ryong produced by CJ Entertainment, title calligraphies such as Stay With Me, New Po Cheong Cheon, and Location, and public transportation advertisement of Lezhin Comics.

  She illustrated Pinocchio, Let's Go on a Trip with Economy, Humanities in My Hand: the Gate of Dream, Stories of Indians that Wind Tells, Answers to 30 Questions in Life, 13 Ways of Thinking that Makes You out of Tiresome Life, and the like.


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