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Jeon Yunmi


55. 여행, 영수증 그리고, 기록하다.jpg

Travel, Receipt & Record


6699press prides itself on speaking the necessary truth, what must be said, what needs to be said, and what is important for society. Its aim is to present quality works that have longevity. It has consistently published works in the genres of arts, culture, and design--particularly on the voices of society, of minorities, and of fading narratives.

Lee Jaeyoung


New Normal.jpg

New Normal


900km is a publishing company run by a young couple. It mainly focuses on producing books and video content that reflect the lives and thoughts of millennials. The publisher also operates a YouTube channel, "Personal Lives of Millennials" (http://youtube.com/c/yozmsa).

Lee Hyemin

900kmbooks@gmail.com +82-10-9059-8702


Millennial Lifestyle: Marriage

Secrets to Making $100,000 a Year as a Call Center Agent

A thousand hope

(English)In January 2011, A Thousand Hopes was established to make a book that contains children's dreams for the world and healthy winds for children. We publish various domestic and international picture books as a series of 'Wind Picture Book' and 'Wind Picture Book Bookstore'. In addition, a variety of series encompassing infants, children, and adolescents, such as 'School Paper Tang Tang Tang', 'Wind Children's Book', 'Thousands of Knowledge', and 'Wind Youth Bookstore', presents books in various fields such as literature and liberal arts knowledge. We are taking a step by step to deliver a thousand wishes for a child, a thousand dreams for a child for the world, and a book containing that precious heart. (Japanese) 千の望み 2011年1月、千の望みは世界に向かう子どもたちの夢、子どもに向かう親の健康な願いを込めた本を作ろうと設立されました。 「風の絵本」、「風の絵本文庫」シリーズで国内外の様々な絵本を出版しております。 さらに、「学校のチャイムがカンカンカン」、「風の子どもの本」、「千の知識」、「風の青少年文庫」など、幼児·子ども·青少年を合わせた様々なシリーズで、文学と教養の知識など、様々な分野の本を紹介しています。 (Vietnamese) Nhà xuất bản A Thousand Hope (Ngàn điều ước) được thành lập từ tháng 1 năm 2011, với mục tiêu phát hành những cuốn sách lưu giữ những mơ ước của trẻ thơ về cuộc đời, cũng như những điều ước tích cực dành cho các em. Hiện chúng tôi đang xuất bản nhiều sách tranh đa dạng dưới hình thức series "Sách tranh Điều ước”, “Kho sách tranh Điều ước”. Bên cạnh đó, chúng tôi còn phát hành nhiều đầu sách trên nhiều lĩnh vực như văn học, khoa giáo,... phù hợp với mọi lứa tuổi từ trẻ mẫu giáo, thiếu nhi cho đến thanh thiếu niên như “Chiếc chuông trường em, reng reng reng!”, “Sách của thiếu nhi Điều ước”, “Một ngàn tri thức”, "Kho tàng sách của thanh thiếu niên Điều ước”,... Chúng tôi vẫn không ngừng nỗ lực để đem đến những quyển sách chứa đựng một tâm hồn thật quý giá, đó là một ngàn điều ước dành cho trẻ em, và một ngàn ước mơ của trẻ về cuộc đời.

Song, Soo-hyun

song_soohyun@hanmail.net +82-31-955-5243

71. 티나의 종이집.jpg

Tina's Paper House

[천개의바람]할머니 어디 있어요_표지.JPG

Where is Grandma?


Princess Poo


Mister Something Special


We Are All from Different Planets

18-7. 할머니의 용궁 여행.jpg

Grandmother’s Journey to the Sea Palace

[천개의바람] 같을까 다를까 개구리와 도롱뇽_표지.JPG

Are Frogs and Salamanders the Same? Or Different?

18-8. 왜, 먼저 물어보지 않니.jpg

Why Don’t You Ask First?

축구치 표지.png

Harami, The Terrible Soccer Player, Good Job!

18-10. 가시 소년.jpg

A Thorny Boy

68. 진짜 일 학년 용돈 작전을 펼쳐라.jpg

Grade 1 Series: Create a Plan for an Allowance!

69. 초원의 명탐정 몽구리.jpg

Detective Mong-Guri in the meadow


Insect Mask Play


Can I Hug You?

18-3. 진짜 일 학년 책가방을 지켜라!.jpg

Keeping My Backpack Safe

66. 으악, 큰일 났다!.jpg

Oh No, I'm in Trouble!

82. 몽돌 미역국.jpg

Mongdol Seaweed Soup

64. 맑음이와 여우 할머니.jpg

Little Rabbit Sunny and Granny Fox

끼인 날.jpg


72. 하늘이 딱딱했대.jpg

How can the sky be hardened?

83. 치카왕자.jpg

The prince who didn’t brush his teeth

(천개의바람) 웃음이 퐁퐁퐁_표지.JPG

Pongpongi’s Smile

63. 70%의 비밀.jpg

The Secret of 70 Percent


Pongpongi’s Heart

[천개의바람] 상자 세상_표지.jpg

Box World

67. 진짜 일 학년 맞수가 나타났다.jpg

Grade 1 Series: My Archrival Appeared!

70. 콩가면 선생님이 또 웃었다.jpg

Teacher Deadpan Smiled Again?

[천개의바람] 귀신 님! 날 보러 와요!_표지.jpg

I want to meet the ghost


My First Pets, the Secret Fish

65. 연필 도둑 한명필.jpg

Han Myeong Pil, the Pencil Thief

위대한 표지.png

A Remarkable Family


Aflatbook Publishing Company publishes books that appeal to the general public. The company “excavates” all the non-mainstream popular culture written by people who are active in diverse fields of popular culture and compiles them into an anthology, presenting the “Aflat Series.” Aflat series include Fanship Diary and Hobbies (with writings by Gang Sang-jun, Sim Wanseon, et al.) that tell about the diverse aspects of SF. Aflat Publishing has also published two books in hardcopy, Science Fiction Is Truly Remarkable by Sim Wanseon and one other as well as nineteen e-books.

Jeong Jongho

aflatbook@gmail.com +82-10-3461-3719

초록-아이돌리즘 표지.jpg


71. SF는 정말 끝내주는데.jpg

SF Is Truly Remarkable

A-Jin Publishing Co., Ltd.

A-Jin Publishing Co., Ltd. has been publishing specialized books, translated books, and books for the general public for the past 25 years.

Kim Gunbae

kgb@ajin.to +82-2-737-0663


Keep Dad Healthy


A.LAB is a contents service company which discovers hidden stories and transforms them in to Paper books - E-books – IT Service. A.LAB creates and tries the newer model of books rather than the classic paper books. The current main expertise of A.LAB is the planning and publishing of both paper books and e-books.

Han Ajeong

emma@autrelab.com +82-50-5355-208


An illustrated book of pedestrians


ACHIMDALBOOKS is a literature publisher that focuses on publishing poems. Starting with the Achimdal Collection of Poems series in September, 2019, the publisher has been slowly yet consistently publishing books. The company hopes to make books that will remain on the reader's book shelf for a long time. It also has a small literature book store named Achimdal Book Store in Yeonnam-dong.

Son Moonkyung

achimdalbooks@gmail.com +82-2-3446-5202

나는 이름이 있었다.jpg

I Had a Name

지금부터는 나의 입장.jpg

My Position from Now On

글라스드 아이즈.jpg

Glassed Eyes


The Arboretum

나 개 있음에 감사하오.jpg

I Am Thankful for My Dog

다른 이야기 표지 캡처.JPG

Let's Talk About Something Else


Dear i

그대 고양이는 다정할게요.jpg

Your Cat Would Be Affectionate

당신의 자리-나무로 자라는 방법.jpg

Your Space—How to live as a tree

모국어는 차라리 침묵.jpg

The Mother Tongue Would Rather Be Silence


Park Minji

minji@acrossbook.com +82-70-8724-0876


Twelve Walks


Science Concert


Robotic Age, Humanity’s Work